Retirement Plan Services
Our dedicated retirement specialists offer many options, including flexible and customized plans, at a competitive price and extraordinary level of customer service. We also offer online services which allow you to view your retirement plan online, see daily valuations, make transfers and more!

Retirement Plan Services available from First-Knox National Bank 

  • 401(k) plans – We can help you set up an employer-funded retirement plan that makes sense for your employees, and makes administering the plan easy for you!
  • Simple IRAs – We can help you set up and administer individual tax-deferred retirement plans for yourself or your employees, and help you effectively navigate through business or work status changes without jeopardizing their growth potential or tax-deferred status.
  • Profit-sharing plans – We can show you several options for maximizing long-term performance through rewards & incentives.
  • Non-qualified plans – We can offer guidance and complete administrative support for employer-funded plans that provide benefits in the form of annuities or lump sum payments.
  • Simplified employee pensions (SEP) – We offer several IRA-based pension options for those who are self-employed or own a small business.
  • Money purchase and other pensions plans – We can help you set up a pension plan where employer contributions are based on employee wages.

Helping employees understand their options.

While your employees have a basic understanding of the importance of consistent retirement savings, part of our service is to provide educational sessions to your employees. We’ll talk to them about their plans, how they work, and they’ll gain a greater understanding of how much you, as an employer, contribute to their retirement plan.

Because we are local experts, we are readily accessible for educational sessions and personal consultations with your employees. We’ll come to your location, set up the accounts, do any necessary training with your HR staff, and provide educational materials for your employees.

We’re nearby and we can hold regular meetings with your employees, scheduled at your company’s convenience, to make certain that new employees are aware of your plan and that all employees are aware of any changes or updates.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is founded on a disciplined approach to capturing above-average returns while minimizing risk through sector diversification and fundamentally-sound securities. To our investors, this means:

  • We believe that consistent investment management is crucial to achieving superior performance from medium-risk assumptions.
  • Mutual funds are chosen using a long-range investment strategy that consists of a blend of high-quality growth and value equities.
  • We believe in the long-term advantage of maintaining a fully-invested, diversified portfolio over market timing.
  • We avoid market fads and changing investment styles, having learned through experience the benefit of riding out inevitable market cycles.
  • We believe that volatility in the equity and fixed income markets is not only natural, but healthy, providing opportunities for the investor. In general, we try to add holdings when the market shows weakness, and lighten up when markets show strength.

Other Services